#HowToMakeItInFashion: Boaz Mazor, Executive-At-Large at Oscar de la Renta

Who is Boaz Mazor?

During my Summer Internship in the Sales Department at Oscar de la Renta, I had the opportunity to interview the man who worked hand on hand with Oscar himself. To give you some context, this was part of my final project presentation for my internship class at LIM College, exactly a year ago.

Boaz Mazor was born in Israel and moved to the United States at the age of 19 to pursue a modeling career. Little did he know  the business of fashion was his true calling. I have to say this guy would come to work every day with a big smile on his face, no matter the circumstances. (Fun fact: he also learned to speak Spanish with Oscar #FriendshipGoals) No but really, Mr. Mazor has some truly interesting anecdotes, amazing experiences and stories under his pocket and a very successful career in the luxury business. He is major #GOALS.

I sat down with Boaz as they call him in the office, to discuss the most important interpersonal skills for us aspiring professionals to keep in mind while trying to make it in fashion. What I found the most interesting is that he never went to college and was able to build a 45-year-long career in New York City, one of the most competitive landscapes in the world.

Oscar de la Renta and Boaz Mazor in the Dominican Republic, 1987.

10 Tips on How To Make It In Fashion

I. Acquire knowledge; education brings experience Not having a background in fashion wasn’t  an obstacle for Boaz to pursue a career in fashion. He recognizes that nowadays former education lead to better experiences and subsequently, stronger industry opportunities and connections.

II. Embrace individuality Never try to be someone else. Boaz affirms that great power lies when creativity meets innovation and when we truly believe and trust our capabilities.

III. Be passionate!!! Successful people love what they do, they are passionate. There is no way to be the best version of yourself if you don’t enjoy what you do.

IV. Be excited The fashion industry has become robotic but enthusiasm and excitement change everything. Positive energy will influence the environment as well as the people that surround you in the workplace.

V. Loyalty is invaluable Boaz has been working at Oscar de la Renta all his life and knows millennials tend to get bored easily. He recommends to absorb as much as possible in the workplace and to always be transparent and professional.

Mr. Mazor desk at Oscar de la Renta HQ in New York City.

VI. Be a team player, learn to work with people The fashion business is a chain, it’s all about teamwork. Be sure to develop social skills because you will always need extra help from your colleagues.

VII. Networking is crucial Building good relationships is the first step to build a career in fashion. Boaz obtained his first job thanks to the people he met when he started working in the industry as a model.

VIII. Don’t be afraid! Ask questions and never be afraid to make mistakes or try something new. There is no space or time for missed opportunities in such a fast paced industry.

IX. Stay relevant One of the most important aspects is to be receptive to change and open-minded. Never stop getting inspired and always be the best version of yourself.

X. Be charming!!! Mr. Mazor has no formal education but 45 years full of incredible experiences and truly beliefs having a charming personality (which he has) will literally take you places not only in the industry, but in life.

Boaz desk — full of pictures and travels from the beginning of his career to now.

Watch full video about my experience HERE.

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